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Double Head Pipe Bender

Double Head Pipe Bender
Model No. Double Head Pipe Bender
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣Two shafts bending finished synchronically with the characteristics of prompt, accurate and strong pipe bending capacity.
﹣Two shafts can set different bending angles. It is mostly suitable for general dual orientations bending machining.
﹣It processes the emergent stop device besides the functions of manual, semi-auto and full-auto.
﹣The bending angle can be adjusted from 0°to 180°freely.
﹣Maximum machining time per hour can reach 720 times per hour
﹣The central distance between two shafts is 140~1200mm.
Technical Specification of Double Head Pipe Bender
Specification UNIT KM-DA38/SCM KM-DA38/PLC
Max. Round Pipe mm 38.1 38.1
Max. Square Pipe mm 30 30
Max. Round Bar mm 20 20
Bending Radius mm 30-170 30-170
Bending Angle degree 190 190
Bending Speed deg/sec 90 90
Bending Accuracy degree +/-0.15 +/-0.15
Motor for Hydraulic kw 5.5 5.5
Max. Working Pressure Kg/c㎡ 120 120
Hydraulic Tank Capacity Liter 80 80
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