Pipe & Profile Bender

Pipe & Profile Bender
Model No. DB-25
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Possesses the functions of hand moving, semi-automatic, full automatic functions. Adopt oil pressure oil accumulative body loop, the action is individually controlled, make oil pressure valve spare parts lifetime prolong. Tri-step loop, actions of cooling, deposit, etc available, make hydraulic oil not deteroprate. The main shaft is forged by special steel, treated by adjusting material. Can set two kinds of angles, bend in turn, the program is simple and understandability. The replacement of the mold is easy, high accurate rate.
Main specifications
Model DB-25
Motor power 4kW
Max. carbon steel pipe 25x1.6t
Max. bend dia. 26-110mm
Double bend center range 90-700mm
Max. bend degree 185°
No. of one module bend 25x1pc
Max. oil pressure 12Mpa
Machine weight 750kgs
Size 2100x1100x1250mm
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