Pipe Bender

Pipe Bender
Model No. W27YS Series
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
W27YS series pipe bending machines are the econmy ones of the bending pipe bending machine, these machines adopt twisting bending technology, and they can bend pipe with mandrel, thus gain higher bending quality than other bending methods.
Main specifications
Model W27YS-25 W27YS-42 W27YS-76 W27YS-114
Max. bending size 25x2mm 42x2mm 76x6mm 114x10mm
Max. bending radius 120mm 200mm 500mm 600mm
Bending angle 0-190° 0-190° 0-190° 0-190°
Height of bending center 950mm 1000mm 1050mm 1100mm
Mandrel bar length 1000mm 1400mm Optional Optional
Bending speed 4r/min 3.5r/min 0-2.5r/min 0-1.5r/min
Motor power 0.75kW 2.2kW 5.5kW 11kW
Over size (mm) 1400x700x1100 1900x800x1100 1900x1100x1200 2500x1000x1500
Weight of machine 200kgs 350kgs 1500kgs 2500kgs
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