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Ring & Profile Bender

Ring & Profile Bender
Model No. W24 Series
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The machine is and efficient processing machine which is specially designed to bend I steel, U steel, flat beam, solid bar, etc. It has three working rollers, the positions of the two bottom rollers can be adjusted along the arc. Assisting rollers are installed on both sides of the machine to control the work quality in the bending of proportional steel sections. The machine is reliable to operate with various functions and is an ideal bending machine that’s adjustable and able to deal with different types of materials and specificaqtions only by recombining the die settings. This removes the need to change dies. The offers low cost with flexibility and reliability.
Main specifications
Model W24-400 W24Y-500 W24Y-1000
Yield limit ≤245 ≤245 ≤245
Min. beading dia (angle steel leg out) 200-400 300-400 400-600
Capacity L40x4 L50x5 L75x7
Model size     L 1000mm 1200mm 1320mm
W 750mm 750mm 950mm
H 1350mm 1580mm 1270mm
Weight 500kgs 900kgs 2500kgs
Main motor 2.2/1.5KW 2.2/2.2KW 4/2.2KW
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