Combined Punching & Shearing Machine

Combined Punching & Shearing Machine
Model No. QA34-25 Q35-16
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The machine adopts mechanical driving, the frame adopts cast steel, steel welded strcture which has suffcient strength and rigidity. The machine is an ideal equipment for cutting square bar, angle, round bar, channel and joist, as well as punching and notching.
Main specifications
Model QA34-25 Q35-16
Pressure 110 ton 63 ton
Max. cutting thickness 25mm 16mm
Plate strength ≤450N/mm2 ≤450N/mm2
Cutting angle 11° 13°
Shearing size of one stroke 28x160mm 20X140mm
Ram stroke 36mm 26mm
Number of strokes 25cpm 36cpm
Throat depth 600mm 450mm
Punching thickness 25mm 16mm
Max. punching dia. 35mm 28mm
Power of main motor 7.5KW 4KW
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 2885x1290x2460mm 1877x1945x725mm
Weight of machine 7000kgs 2830kgs
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