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Three Roller Bender

Three Roller Bender
Model No. W11 Series
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The up and down parts of W11 series three roller bending machine utilizes a machine construction. The transportation parts being machine driven. The upper roller can be moved up and down by the motor to discharge the workpiece. The machine can according to customer’s requirement be supplied with specific rollers.
Main specifications
Model Max. thickness Max. width Yield limit (mpa) Min.dia. Full capacity Top roller dia. Bottom roller dia. Motor (kW) Weight (kgs) Size (mm)
W113x2000 3mm 2000mm 245 200mm 135mm 110mm 3/1.5 1650 2800x720x1300
W113x1600 3mm 1600mm 245 200mm 135mm 110mm 3 1450 2600x720x1300
W114x1300 4mm 1300mm 245 200mm 135mm 110mm 3 1060 2250x720x1300
W113x3100 3mm 3100mm 245 400mm 200mm 165mm 5.5 2720 4700x1000x1270
W113x4100 3mm 4100mm 245 400mm 220mm 180mm 5.5 3500 5100x860x950
W116x2500 6mm 2500mm 245 400mm 210mm 190mm 5.5 3190 4100x1100x1270
W116x3100 6mm 3100mm 245 500mm 240mm 210mm 5.5 5390 4600x1150x1450
W118x2000 8mm 2000mm 245 400mm 210mm 190mm 5.5 2890 3700x1100x1270
W118x2500 8mm 2500mm 245 600mm 230mm 190mm 5.5 3485 4100x1100x1270
W1110x1300 10mm 1300mm 245 400mm 210mm 190mm 5.5 2425 2940x1100x1270
W1120x2500 20mm 2500mm 245 600mm 360mm 290mm 11 12000 4660x1420x1640
W1116x3100 16mm 3100mm 245 600mm 360mm 290mm 11 13000 5260x1420x1640
W1116x2500 16mm 2500mm 245 600mm 320mm 250mm 7.5 11000 4660x1420x1640
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