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Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears and CNC Type

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears and CNC Type
Model No. QC12Y (K) Series
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
This machine with reasonable and stable construction adopts hydraulic driving system and top blade beam swing operating system. Perfect function: Motorized back gauge with manual microadjusting mechanism and digital read-out device, rapid adjusting mechanism of blade clearance, light line positioning, counter and numerical fix device, stepless adjustment of blade stroke raise the efficiency of plate shearing.
CNC type is QC12K
Main specifications
Model Max.
shearing thickness
shearing width
Shearing angle No.of stroke Backgauge range Motor power N.W. Size (mm)
QC12Y-4x2500 4mm 2500mm 1°30′ 20 min-1 20-480mm 5.5kw 3800kgs 3130x2030x1600
QC12Y-4x3200 4mm 3200mm 1°30′ 20 min-1 20-600mm 5.5kw 5600kgs 3840x2175x1600
QC12Y-4x4000 4mm 4000mm 1°30′ 18 min-1 20-600mm 5.5kw 7000kgs 4640x2320x1600
QC12Y-6x2500 6mm 2500mm 1°30′ 18 min-1 20-600mm 7.5kw 5200kgs 3130x2320x1600
QC12Y-6x3200 6mm 3200mm 1°30′ 16 min-1 20-600mm 7.5kw 6500kgs 3840x2320x1620
QC12Y-6x4000 6mm 4000mm 1°30′ 14 min-1 20-600mm 7.5kw 8500kgs 4630x2495x1700
QC12Y-6x6000 6mm 6000mm 1°30′ 6 min-1 20-600mm 9kw 16800kgs 6645x2530x2250
QC12Y-8x2500 8mm 2500mm 1°30′ 14 min-1 20-600mm 11kw 6200kgs 3140x2345x1620
QC12Y-8x3200 8mm 3200mm 1°30′ 12 min-1 20-600mm 11kw 7300kgs 3850x2345x1620
QC12Y-8x4000 8mm 4000mm 1°30′ 10 min-1 20-600mm 11kw 9600kgs 4630x2495x1700
QC12Y-8x6000 8mm 6000mm 1°30′ 6 min-1 20-600mm 15kw 17600kgs 6650x2845x1700
QC12Y-12x2500 12mm 2500mm 1°30′ 12 min-1 20-800mm 18.5kw 9600kgs 3235x3050x2100
QC12Y-12x3200 12mm 3200mm 1°30′ 10 min-1 20-800mm 18.5kw 12000kgs 3420x3330x2700
QC12Y-12x4000 12mm 4000mm 1°30′ 8 min-1 20-800mm 18.5kw 14500kgs 4180x3330x2700
QC12Y-12x6000 12mm 6000mm 1°30′ 5 min-1 20-800mm 22kw 29500kgs 4980x3480x2830
QC12Y-16x2500 16mm 2500mm 8 min-1 20-800mm 22kw 11600kgs 3480x3430x2700
QC12Y-16x3200 16mm 3200mm 7 min-1 20-800mm 22kw 14500kgs 4180x3430x2700
QC12Y-16x4000 16mm 4000mm 6 min-1 20-800mm 22Kw 16800kgs 4980x3580x2800
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