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Workshop Press

Workshop Press
Model No. MSY Series
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣Rigid weldment
﹣Hand pump lever for manual pressurization
﹣Piston reset via return spring
﹣Rigid lower table construction, selectable height positions, height adjusted by ahdn-wheel
﹣Ram height adjustable with screw
Main specifications
Model MSY100A MSY100B MSY300
Nominal force 100KN 100KN 300KN
Liquid pressure 50MPa 50MPa 36MPa
Assemb travel 150mm 150mm 220mm
Distance of worktable adjustment 150x3mm x n 150x3mm x n 200x4mm x n
Max. height of door frame 300mm 300mm 978mm
Max. pass size of door frame 430mm 430mm 640mm
Overall dimension 750x660x1920mm 660x600x1170mm 980x720x1980mm
Weight 105kgs 120kgs 300kgs
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