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General Open Back Press with Fixed

General Open Back Press with Fixed
Model No. J21 Series
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
J21 series press is the practical type open back press with fixed bed.The features:the boby is left/right open type (i.e.C type body) and ihe working table is open in three sides.It is convenient to load and unload die set.The operation is easy.The products offer a good condition for mechanization and they are used widely.They are the main equipments for sheet-metal punching which can be used in the process of punching,blanking,trimming, bending, shallow stretching and forming.The press are widely applicable for such fields as national defence,aviation,automobile,tractor,motor electrical appliance, instruments,medical apparatus and instruments,hardware for daily use,etc.Among them,Model JC21-160 presses adopt pneumatic friction clutch and brake,and the slide block can stop at any position.Model J21-63A,J2I-80A, JD21-63A,JD2I-8OA,JD21-100A,JD21-I25A are equiped with emergency brake mechanism so that their slideblock can stop at any poslion within 0and135.Models with the letter "D" adopt the double key structure,capable of over coming rebound.
Main specifications
Model J21-63A
J21-80A JD21-80A
Nominal force 630KN 800KN 800KN
Stroke under nominal force 8mm 9mm 9mm
Slide block stroke 120mm 130mm 130mm
Number of stroke 50 min-1 45 min-1 45 min-1
Max die set height 300mm 350mm 320mm
Die set height adjustment 80mm 100mm 100mm
Distance from slide block centre to the frame 300mm 300mm 300mm
Worktable dimension 570x760mm 580x860mm 580x860mm
Dimensions of worktable hole Ø180mm Ø180mm Ø180mm
Thickness of bolster 90mm 100mm 100mm
Hole dimensions in bed Ø280x220x320mm Ø280x220x380mm Ø280x220x380mm
Dimensions of side block bottom surface 280x320mm 280x380mm 280x380mm
Size of the handle hole Ø50x80mm Ø60x75mm Ø60x75mm
Distance between columns of body 320mm 410mm 410mm
Motor Type Y132M2-6 Y160M-6 Y160M-6
power 5.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Outline dimension 1550x1410x2610mm 1610x1470x2680mm 1925x1470x2675mm
N.W./G.W. 5300/5800kgs 5800/6300kgs 6450/7000kgs

Model JD21-100A JD21-125A JC21-160
Nominal force 1000KN 1250KN 1600KN
Stroke under nominal force 10mm 10mm 6mm
Slide block stroke 140mm 140mm 160mm
Number of stroke 38 min-1 38 min-1 40 min-1
Max die set height 320mm 320mm 350mm
Die set height adjustment 100mm 100mm 110mm
Distance from slide block centre to the frame 380mm 380mm 380mm
Worktable dimension 710x1100mm 720x1200mm 740x1300mm
Dimensions of worktable hole Ø220mm Ø220mm Ø260mm
Thickness of bolster 120mm 120mm 150mm
Hole dimensions in bed Ø320x250x420mm Ø320x250x420mm 370x570mm
Dimensions of side block bottom surface 420x560mm 420x560mm 580x770mm
Size of the handle hole Ø60x80mm Ø60x80mm Ø65x90mm
Distance between columns of body 580mm 580mm 730mm
Motor Type Y160M-6 Y160L-6 Y180L-6
power 7.5KW 11KW 15KW
Outline dimension 1960x1335x2850mm 2060x1600x3000mm 2280x1550x3190mm
N.W./G.W. 10000/11200kgs 11000/12000kgs 16000/17300kgs
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