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CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine
Model No. DWJ-A-4
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
DWJ-A/B serials CNC cutting table
﹣All-oriented cutting capability can successfully complete cutting for wirkpiece of any shape
﹣Overall casting lathe bed guarantees a best stability and no any shake or distortion even with a high speed operation
﹣No space ball bearing screw and linear guide guarantee a high cutting accuracy
Main specification
Model  DWJ-A/B-4
Structure planer
Cutting table size  3000x2000mm
Stroke X axis 3000mm
Y axis 1800mm
Z axis 250mm
CNC controller  2000M step system / FAGOR AC servo system
Accuracy Cutting + 0.1mm
Repeatablity + 0.05mm
Travers speed  3000/15000mm/min
Power supply  240V/380V/460VAC, 50Hz/60H
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