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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Model No. GST
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Main specifications
Model GST2030 GST2040 GST2050
Effective working area 2000x3000mm 2000x4000mm 2000x5000mm
Max. no of torch 1 pc
Drive mode Double side drive
Drive speed 0-24000mm/min (stepless, adjustable)

Model: CG1-11


Model CG1-30 gas cutting machine is specially designed for the semi-automatic linear gas cutting, and also adaptable to circle gas cutting above Ø200mm andtothe cutting of V-bevel Y-bevel. The machine can be mounted with two torches at the same time so as to raise the working efficiency.

Main specifications



External dimensions (LxWxH)


Cutting thichness

8~10mm (selecting suritable tip can raise the cutting thickness of workpiece)

Cutting speed


Dia. of circle cutting


Total weight


Model: CG1-30

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