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EDM Sinker Machines

EDM Sinker Machines
Model No. EDM450
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
EDM machine --- reasonable structure, convenient, high efficiency Import DC servo motor and oil pump PWM servo
system Some safe devices in circuit
A. Machine is designed according to analyses of resistance to draw, resistance to press and reaction by computer.
B. Casting is used FC-35 by national weathering and all kinds of treatment, it wears well and its precision is changeless.
C. Machine structure is reasonable without distortion, of good rigidity to insure process precision.
D. Rails are “V” shape, can move lightly under heavy load and good precision Z axis is used Japanese “SANYO
DC servo motor.
E. High precision bears, the working table are used rails with “TAFULO” face.
F. Danish “GRUNDFOS” oil pump or Italy “GALPEDA” oil pump.
G. Three axes SINO grating ruler.
H. Can arbitrarily choose the methods of removing scrap iron, sweeping oil or sucking oil, also choose
process that the workingpiece is not submerged in oil.
I. It suits to process cavity, hole and special shape parts in copper, plumbago, steel.
J. Lubricating system is used callback way, lubrication of rail is completed once, and retains cleanness of appearance.
K. PCB boards is moistureproof, anticorrosive, gold-filled.
CNC system technical performance
A. There is automatical A.R.C carbon surveillant device to prevent destroying workingpiece.
B. Steady circuit of big area electrode.
C. High and low clearance individual circuit.
D. PWM servo system, standard DC servo motor.
E. Synchronous discharge system of high voltage superposited.
F. Square wave and equal energy output.
G. Circuits of super-fine process.
H. Capacity of mirror process (negative pole process).
I. Capacity of voltage regulation is ±20%.
J. Circuits of copper electrode and plumbago electrode are separate and individual process parameters.
K. Discharge parameters can be edited automatically, and there are rough, medium, fine, superfine process terms to be chosen.
L. Z axis is of super-precision process, process position can be affirmed repeatedly.
M. There are some safe devices in circuit
a. Self-diagnostic system and LED state display, convenient to examine and repair
b. Oil level control, process device will be stopped automatically
c. Accelerograph control, if the display is OFF, process device will be stopped automatically
d. If temperature of working fluid is too high according to induction, the process will be cut off automatically
e. Temperature induction, fire extinguisher sprays automatically and cut off the power supply at the same time
f. Light induction, fire extinguisher spray automatically and cut off the power supply at the same time
g. Mist automatic fir extinguisher, security is the best without pollution, not destroy machine and mould
Main Specifications
Model EDM300 EDM350 EDM450 EDM540 EDM650
Working table travel XxY(mm) 300x200 350x250 450x350 500x400 650x550
Working table size LxW (mm) 500x250 600x350 700x420 800x500 1100x650
Principal axis travel (mm) 220 180+(180) 200+(200) 200+(300) 300+(300)
Principal axis load (Kg) 50 50 70 150 250
Machine load 250 300 600 1300 2800
Max. distance between electrode and working table 500mm 560mm 660mm 830mm 950mm
Size of oil reservoir (mm) 830x520x3150 880x560x350 1180x660x450 1200x740x480 1700x960x560
Machine weight 900kgs 1200kgs 1500kgs 2200kgs 3500kgs
Machine size (mm) 1400x1400x2300 1630x1330x2300 1920x1520x2300 2100x1620x2500 2300x2130x2800
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