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DK77 Series CNC Wire-Cut EDM

DK77 Series CNC Wire-Cut EDM
Model No. DK7750
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Make features of big taper, considerable thickness, high efficiency, high precision and new structure etc, lead this industry. There are computer, machine electric and pulse power supply all in the controller. Main computer has two kinds of typessingle board computer and microcomputer. Double CPUs structure in microcomputer, program and control at the same time. Good rigidity, running placidly, strong function, convenient and reliable operation The whole closed machine bed, working table with T shaped groove, pane fixture. Suitable to process conductive metal moulds, complex metal parts and templates with high precision, high toughness and difficult processing can cut plane, bevel, top and bottom different shaped surface, greatly expand the processing range. Accorind to users’ request, add half closed-loop, transducer control system.

Main specifications
Model DK7750A DK7750B DK7750C DK7750D
Table size (LxW) 900x600mm 900x600mm 900x600mm 900x600mm
Table travel (XxY) 500x630mm 500x630mm 500x630mm 500x630mm
Max. workpiece thickness 300mm 500mm 300mm 500mm
Max. taper angle/plate thickness ±3°/100 ±3°/100
Max. machining speed 120mm/min 120mm/min 120mm/min 120mm/min
Precision Octagon ≤0.015 ≤0.015 ≤0.015 ≤0.015
Taper ≤0.04 ≤0.04 ≤0.1
Max. working current 6A 6A 6A 6A
Roughness ≤2.5μm ≤2.5μm ≤2.5μm ≤2.5μm
Wire diameter 0.15-0.2mm 0.15-0.2mm 0.15-0.2mm 0.15-0.2mm
Wire traveling speed 5 or 8 m/min 5 or 8 m/min 5 or 8 m/min 5 or 8 m/min
Load of table 800kg 800kg 800kg 800kg
Working solution Saponification Liquid
Working reservoir capacity 56L 56L 56L 56L
Power supply 3N-380V/50HZ 3N-380V/50HZ 3N-380V/50HZ 3N-380V/50HZ
Power consumption 2 KVA 2 KVA 2 KVA 2 KVA
Wire guide frame Can be adjusted
Machine diamesions (mm) 200x1670x1800 2000x1670x1900 2000x1670x1800 2000x1670x1900
Package dimensions (mm) 2300x1970x2250 2300x1970x2250 2300x1970x2150 2300x1970x2250
Machine weight 2300kgs 2300kgs 2300kgs 2300kgs
Controller type XKG-2002
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