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Gear Hobbing Machine

Gear Hobbing Machine
Model No. YG3612
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
YG3612 Universal gear hobbing machine is designed for fine pitch spur and helical gears , pinions and worm gears with high accuracy requirement. When an accurate hob is used , it can machine spur gears upto class 5 and helical gars upto class 6 ( GB2363-90 ) , worm gears upto the same accuracy as spur gears ( with radial hobbing ) . After a special modification, the machine could then be used for gears with sma II tooth number ranging 2-100.
Main specifications
Model YG3612
Max. hobbing dia. ( spur gear ) 125mm
Max. hobbing module of brass 1.5mm
Max. hobbiing module of steel 1mm
Max.carriage travel 125mm
Range of tooth number 6-400tooth
Adjustable hob rel.angle ±90 degree
Max.hob diameter 55mm
Hob speed 90-1200r/min
Hob inside diameter 8, 10,13,16,22mm
Feed per revolution 0.05-1.5mm/r
Main motor power 0.75kw
Main motor speed 1410r/min
Overall dimensions 1065x640x1495mm
Weight 860kgs
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