Drilling & Milling Machine

Drilling & Milling Machine
Model No. ZAY7020 & ZAY7020G
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Main specifications
Model ZAY7020 ZAY7020G
Drilling capacity 20mm 14mm
Face milling capacity 63mm 63mm
End milling capacity 14mm 20mm
Max. distance from spindle nose to table 382mm 350mm
Min. distance from spindle axis to column 202mm 175mm
Spindle travel 120mm 130mm
Spindle taper M.T.3 M.T.3
Step of spindle 12steps 6steps
Range of spindle speed 50HZ 80-2080rpm 80-1250rpm
60HZ 100-2150rpm 95-1500rpm
Swing dia. Of headstock 405mm 680mm
Swivel angle of headstock Horizontal 360°  360° 
Perpendicularly + 90°
Size of table 585X190mm 585x190mm
Forward and backward travel of table 150mm 150mm
Left and right travel of table 380mm 380mm
Power 0.75kW 0.55kW
Netweight /gross weight 270/320kgs 300/350kgs
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