Knee-Type Universal Milling Machine

Knee-Type Universal Milling Machine
Model No. X6130
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Main specifications
Model X6130 X6130A
Table surface 300x1150mm 300x1500mm
Number of T-slots 3
Width of T-slots 18mm
Distance between T-slots 70mm
Max. longitudinal travel 680mm 780mm
Max. cross travel 235mm
Max. vertical travel 400mm
Spindle nose Standard taper 7:24 No. 40
Number of spindle speeds 12 steps
Range of spindle speed 35-1600rpm
Number of feeds 14 steps
Range of feed speeds Longitudinal, cross 12-720 mm/min
Vertical 4-240 mm/min
Speed of rapid traverse Longitudinal, cross 2100 mm/min
Vertical 700 mm/min
Main drive motor 4KW, 1440 rpm
Feed motor 0.75KW, 1380 rpm
Coolant pump 40W, 2500rpm
Net weight of machine 2100kgs
Gross weight of machine 2900kgs
Overall dimensions 1690x1535x1630mm
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