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Tools Grinder

Tools Grinder
Model No. TW125A-III
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The tool grinder has three linear axes and two revolving axes, it is very easy to grind many kinds of angle. The most important thing of grinding tools is grinding tool peak, finished roughness of workpiece depends almost all on the quality of tool peak, the tool grinder can grind tool peak to become a standard circular from that has good roughness, thereby, guarantee the fine roughness of workpiece.
Main specifications
Model TW125A III
Range of tool height 5~30mm
Material of tool Tungsten carbide,
high speed steel
Tool peak circle r 0.4~10mm
Relief angle -10~20°
Power 0.25kW
Sjpeed 2800rpm
Grinding wheel 125 bowl diamond wheel
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