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Centerless Grinder

Centerless Grinder
Model No. MS1080
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The machine is mainly used for through-feed grinding of cylindrical surface of ring and shaft type parts, as well as for plunge-cut grinding of various stepped conical and cylindrical surfaces semi-automatically.
﹣The layout of the machine is that its grinding wheelhead is fixed and regulating wheelhead is movable.
﹣The grinding wheel spindle is designed in cantilever structure and supported on multiple long-segment hydrodynamic oil-film bearing.
﹣The regulating wheel spindle is also designed in cantilever structure and supported on conical sliding bearing with 1:30 taper.
﹣The regulating wheel feed slide is supported on Flat-V stuck plastic guideway.
﹣AC frequency converter is used for changing the regulating wheel speed infinitely.
Main specifications
Model MS1080
Dia. to be ground Through-feed 5-80mm
Plunge feed 5-80mm
Length of workpart Through-feed 200mm
Plunge feed 145mm
Grinding wheel size P500x150x305mm
Regulating wheel size PSA300x150x127mm
Grinding wheel speed 1650r/min
Regulating wheel speed 12-190r/min
Swivel of regulating
In vertical plane -2~+5°
In horizontal plane 0~+3°
Cross movement of regulating wheel -5~+5mm
Feed amout by handwheel dial 0.005mm
Height from the connecting line of grinding/reg. Wheel to bracket 210mm
Total power 16.68kw
Weight 3500kgs
Dimensions 1650x1580x1485mm
Working accuracy Roundness 2μm
Cylindricity 3μm
Roughness 0.32μm
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