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Internal Grinder

Internal Grinder
Model No. M2120A
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣Feed and dressing movements are controlled by means of two independent driving system. Size metric grinding is adopted.
﹣Feed movement can be carried out both manually and hydraulically.Because the machine is equipped with jumping mechanism, it is unnecessary to reset the tool after returning grinding wheel for measurement or dressing.The machine is equipped with a hydraulic switch valve to ensure safety during loading and unloading workpieces.
﹣A grinding spindle with 18000r/min is optional for grinding bore diameter ranging from 20 to 50 mm
Main specifications
Model M2120A
Bore diameter to be ground 50-200mm
Length of the bore to be ground For 50mm 70mm
For 200mm 200mm
Max. swing Within guard 400mm
Without guard 600mm
Swivel angle of workhead 30°
Work speed 100-500r/min stepless
Wheel speed 4000. 5000. 6000. 8000. 11000r/min
Endface wheel speed /
Max. worktable travel 600mm
Worktable moving speed 0.1-6m/min
Worktable dressing speed 0.1-2m/min
Feed resolution 0.002mm
Machine total powe 8.6kw
machine weight 3400kgs
Overall dimensions of machine 210x212x132mm
Machining accuracy Roundness 3μm
Cylindricity 8μm
Surface roughness Ra 0.63μm
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