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Cylindrical Grinder

Cylindrical Grinder
Model No. M1432B
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Machine table longitudinal travel, wheelhead rapid approach and withdrawl and automatic periodic cross infeed are driven hydro-electrically by push button operation. The machine also has the following functionsin manual mode hand operated table traverse and wheel cross infeed plus tailstock quill retraction by foot.
The workhead can be swiveled in counter clockwise direction in 90 degree range. By swiveling the workhead, or wheelhead or table, components with different external or internal taper can be ground. By turning down the internal grinding attachment internal surface of components can be finished and six sets of grinding quills are provided for grinding selection.
Workpiece, external and internal grinding wheels, hydraulic and coolant pumps are all driven separately by individual motors.
All the power moving portions of the machine are interlocked by electro-hydraulic mechanism to ensure safety in operation. External and internal grinding wheels are guarded in sound and strong covers.
Main specifications
Model M1432B
Dia. ground (O.D./I.D.) 8320/30~100mm
Length ground (O.D./I.D.) 750; 1000; 1500;2000/125mm
Centre height 180mm
Max. workpiece weight 150kgs
Table speed 0.1-4m/min
Wheelhead rapid approach and withdrawl 50mm
Wheel peripheral speed 35m/sec
Wheelhead displacement per div. on handwheel scale (fine/coarse) 0.0025/0.01mm
Internal grinding wheel speed 10000,15000r/min
Hydraulic pump pressure 2.5MPa
Hydraulic pump capacity 10mL/r
Coolant pump capacity 25L/min
Total motor power 8.57kW
Wheelhead motor 5.5kW
Machine weight 3200,3700,4000,5900kgs
Overall dimension (LxWxH) 2700,3340,4213,5900x1670x1650mm
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