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Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Universal Cylindrical Grinder
Model No. M1420A
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The grinder is designed for external diameter, external conical surface, internal bore and endface of the medium-small workpiece.
﹣The worktable, workhead and wheelhead are all able to be swiveled for adequate angle.
﹣The workhead adopt mechanical step speed-adjustment (six step)
﹣The worktable and wheelhead can be operated hydraulically and manually.
Main specifications
Model M1420A
Grinding diameters 8~200mm
Grinding bore 13~80mm
Max. grinding length 500/750mm
Max. grinding depth 125mm
Max. grinding depth 600/800mm
Hydraulic traverse speeds 0.1~4m/min
Swivel range of the table -5°~+9°/ -3° ~+9°
Max. peripheral speed of grinding wheel 35m/s
Ma.x grinding wheel diameter 300mm
Speeds of headstock spindle 60, 85, 230, 120, 170, 460 r/min
Coolant pump drive motor (500mm/750mm) 4.24kw
Overall dimensions (500mm/750mm) (mm) 2700x1420x1600 / 2000x1420x1600
Weight of machine (500mm/750mm) 2100/2600kgs
Working accuracy
Circularity of external diameter 0.0015mm
Circularity of internal diameter 0.0025mm
Cylindricity of external diameter 0.005mm
Surface roughness of external diameter Ra 0.32μm
Surface roughness of internal diameter Ra 0.63μm
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