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Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder
Model No. GTS5012
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Main specifications
Model GTS5010 GTS5012
Capacity Available area of working table 1000x500mm 1200x500mm
Max. moving dimension from left to right 1150mm
Max. moving dimension from front to back 540mm
Max. distance from surface of worktable spindle 620mm
Max. bearing weight of working table 700kgs
Working table Slot in working table 14x3mm x N
Speed of working table 5-25m/min
Front & rea hand wheel feed A check 0.02mm
A circle 4mm
Auto-supplying from front to back 0.1-10mm
High speed moving from front to back 50 HZ 990mm
60 HZ 1190mm
Grinding wheel Measurement of grinding wheel 355x(20-50)x127mm
Rotational speed of spindle 50 HZ 1450rpm
60 HZ 1750rpm
Up and down structure Max. moving dimension 500mm
Up and down handwheel feed A check 0.001mm
A circle 0.2mm
Auto supplying volumn 0.001-0.04mm
High-speed moving dimension from up to down 230m/min
Motor Spindle motor 7.5x4HXP
Up and down driving motor 80w
Up and down servo motor / 80w
Oil pressure motor 3x4 HXP
Dust catching motor 3/4x2(1/2x2) HXP
Water scouring motor 1/8x2 HXP
Back and front driving motor 40w
Dimension Overall dimension 2400x4000x2010mm 2400x4500x2010mm
Net weight 3550kgs 3650kgs
Gross weight 4650kgs 4750kgs
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