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Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder
Model No. TH-M3270
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣The vertical post of the machine is attached to the guide way, the balanced moving of the grinding wheel offer the fine precision of the machine.
﹣The guide way of cross travel is double “V”.A guide way of longitudinal travel is “V”, the other one is flat. The friction is small.
﹣Longitudinal, cross travel and spindle feed use hydraulic or manual driving.
﹣Spindle feed use microfeed set,the feed precision is up to 0.0002mm
﹣Japan made P4 precision spindle ball bearings are adopted for easy maintenance. The roughness of surface is smaller than Ra0.63.
﹣Logical controller that use programme controller combined with transducer to realize the machine auto feed, stepless and lubricate system offer oil periodicity.
﹣Auto feed realizing export contactless can be fit to feed and change direction frequently when manufacturing smaller workpiece with high dependability.
﹣Magnetizing and demagnetization controller realizing export contactless can be fit to magnetizing and damagnetic frequently, the time of demagnetization is short, avoid pulling and transfiguration of the electromagnetism chuck and workpiece.
Main specifications
Model Unit TH-M3270 TH-M3270H TH-M3270A
Workable size(L×W) mm 700×320
Longitudinal travel of worktable mm 800
Transverse travel of worktable mm 360
Maximum distance from spindle axis to worktable surface mm 650
Maximum load of worktable(Including chuck) kg 300
“T” slot of worktable mm×N 18×1
Movement speed of worktable m/min 5~25
Transverse auto feed of worktable mm 0~20 / 0~20
Transverse rapid movement mm/min 780 / 780
Transverse feed of hand wheel 1 gra mm 0.02
1 rev. mm 4
Spindle rapid vertical feed mm/min 1000
Spindle wheel feed 1 gra mm 0.002/0.005
1 rev. mm 0.4/1
Rotating speed of grinding wheel r/min 1440
Grinding wheel size mm 355×127×30~50(30)
Spindle motor kw 4
Hydraulic motor of workable movement kw 1.5
Auto motor of transverse movement Nm 8 / 8
Coolant pump w 40
Flatness of work piece mm ≤0.005
Roughness of work piece um ≤Ra0.63
Overall dimension mm 2160×1750×1950
Packing dimension mm 2300×1860×2220
Net/gross weight kg 2000/2300
Dimension of permanent magnetic chuck mm 300×680
Remarks TH-M3270 Cross and longi, , , tudinal movement is automatic.
TH-M3270H Longitudinal movement is automatic
TH-M3270A Cross and Longitudinal movement is automatic, cross movement is controlled by digital reader
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