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Portable Open Side Planer

Portable Open Side Planer
Model No. BQ10B
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The planers are appropriated to rough and precise machining of various planes, T shaped slots, guideways composed of various planers, racks and it is featured of planing, milling, grinding speed properties, so the milling head, grinding head can be mounted on the machine for more processes. For long life, the joint surface between table and guideways have been taken measures of wear resistance and it is characterized by good rigidity, consumption saving and light weight. The main transmission is switched reluctance drive system.
Main specifications
Model BQ1010B BQ1012B
Max. machining size Length 3000; 4000; 6000mm
Width 1000mm 1200mm
Height 800mm
Max. machining weight 3000kgs
Motor power for table feed 15kw (SRD infinitely variable speeds)
Table length 3000; 4000; 6000mm
Table width 800mm 1000mm
Rack permissible tractive force 1.86 x 104 N
Table speed 1.7~30m/min
Max. feed of vettical toolpost Horizontal 0.45~21mm
Vertical 0.32~13.5mm
Rapid traverse of verticle toolpost Horizontal 900mm/min
Vertical 560mm/min
Max. feed of side toolpost 0.32~15.2mm
Rapid traverse of side toolpost 840mm/min
Elevating and lowering speed of crossrail 600mm/min
Cross section of tool shank 40 x 40mm2
Overall dimensions Length 7060; 9248; 13200mm
Width 3077mm 3277mm
Height 2800mm
Net weight 12000; 15000; 20000kgs 14000; 17000; 22000kgs
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