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Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe
Model No. CZ62100
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣Sturdy slide and apron, especially designed to withstand high cutting forces
﹣Induction hardened and ground guideways
﹣Headstock on tapered roller bearings
﹣Central, practical controls for feeds and thread leads
﹣Diametric, inch, module, and metric threads
﹣Handwheel for tailstock adjustment
﹣Large spindle bore
﹣Central lubrication
Main specifications
Model CZ6285 CZ62100 CZ62120
Capacities Max. swing over bed 850mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max. swing over cross slide 555mm 600mm 600mm
Center distance 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000,
Max. swing over gap 1050mm 1200mm 1400mm
Valid length of gap 300mm
Bed width 490mm or 500mm
Headstock Spindle hole 105mm
Spindle nose C-11 or D-11
Spindle taper MT100
Spindle speeds (no.) 14-750 or 18-900 (18 steps)
Gear box threads and feeds Metric threads range 1-240 (54 kinds)
Inch threads range 28-1 inch (37kinds)
Moudle threads range 0.5-60 DP (45kinds)
Diametral threads range 30-1 TPI (27kinds)
Longtudinal feeds range 0.05-1.42mm/r (72kinds)
Cross feeds range 0.015-0.48mm/r (72kinds)
Rapid feed: long./cross 6/2m/min
Leadscrew size:
carriage Cross slide travel 400mm
Compound rest travel 230mm
Size of tool shank 32x32mm
Tailstock Spindle diameter 100mm or 120mm
Spindle taper Morse 6
Spindle travel 205mm
motor Main drive motor 11KW
Coolant pump motor 0.09KW
Rapid feed motor 0.12KW or 0.18KW
Net weight Center distance 750mm 3700kgs
1000mm 4000kgs
1500mm 4500kgs
2000mm 5000kgs
3000mm 5500kgs
4000mm 6000kgs
Overall dimension Center distance 750mm 2792x1276x1390mm
1000mm 3042x1276x1390mm
1500mm 3542x1276x1390mm
2000mm 3952x1276x1390mm
3000mm 4952x1276x1390mm
4000mm 5952x1276x1390mm
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