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Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe
Model No. CS6266B
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣High precision, high spindle speed with 24 speeds changes.
﹣Ground gear and kinetic-balanced spindle runs smoothly with low noise.
﹣Camlock spindle nose, easy to clamp.
﹣Big thru-bore of spindle to hold bar stock with large diameter.
﹣Big swing over bed suitable for hold special shaped workpiece and dishlike workpiece with large diameter.
﹣High grade casting bed, hardened and precision ground guideways.
﹣Left-handwheel apron and right-handwheel apron are available for users to choose. Each of them equipped with a quick travel device and an easy operated level.
﹣Three-axis sliding mechanism in feed box, giving big feeds and threads ranges. Quick and easy speeds and threading changes.
﹣Tailstock spindle can move at two speeds. Drilling is very easy. The scale on the handwheel indicates the distance the spindle moves.
﹣On user’s request, the following accessories are available: foot brake, taper turning attachment, thread chasing dia (metric or inch), mechanical stop divice quick-change tool post, centralization lubrication device and cross feed quick-release lever.
Main specifications
Model CS6166B CS6266B CS6166C CS6266C
Capacity Swing over bed 600mm
Swing over cross slide 420mm
Swing in gap 870mm (gap bed lathe)
Length in gap 240mm (gap bed lathe)
Max. length of workpiece 100/1500/2000/3000mm
Head stock Spindle nose ISO702/II No. 8 Camlock
Spindle bore Ø82mm Ø105mm
Taper of spindle bore Ø90mm Ø113mm
Range of spindle speed 9-1600rpm 24 steps 36-1600rpm 12 steps
Max. output of spindle torque 1500 N.m 1200 N.m
Feeds and
Max. travel of compound rest 145mm
Max. travel of cross slide 310mm
Leadscrew pitch 12mm or 2 TPI
Section of tool 25x25mm
Spindle center to tool support 28mm
Longitudinal quick moving speed 4.5m/min, 50HZ ; 5.4m/min, 60HZ
Crosswise quick moving speed 1.9m/min, 50HZ ; 2.3m/min, 60HZ
Longitudinal feeds range 93 kinds, 0.028-6.43 mm/rev 65 kinds, 0.063-2.52 mm/rev
Cross feeds range 93 kinds, 0.012-2.37mm/rev 65 kinds, 0.027-1.07 mm/rev
Metric threads range 48 kinds, 0.5-224 mm 22 kinds, 1-14 mm
Inch threads range 49 kinds, 72-1/8 TPI 25 kinds, 20-2 TPI
Module threads range 42 kinds, 0.5-122 mm 18 kinds, 0.5-7 mm
Diametral threads range 45 kinds, 56-1/4 DP 24 kinds, 56-4 DP
Tailstock Dia. of tailstock sleeve Ø75mm
Morse taper of tailstock sleeve MT5
Travel of tailstock sleeve 150mm
Cross adjustment +15mm
Motor Power of main motor 7.5KW (10HP), 3PH, 1450rpm/50HZ; 1750rpm/60HZ
Power of quick-travel motor 250W (1/3HP), 3PH
Power coolant pump 90W (1/8HP), 3PH
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