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Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe
Model No. CD6260C
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣Precision ground
﹣CE-conformity, electromagnetic brake can be amounted.
﹣Safety torque limiting device for lead screw
﹣Safety overload clutch for feedrod.
﹣Rapid traverse (optional)
﹣Main spindle supported at 2 points with precision taper roller bearings.
Main specifications
Model CD6260C
Capacities Max. swing over bed 600mm
Max. swing over cross slide 360mm
Center distance 1000, 1500, 2000mm
Max swing over gap 730mm
Effective length of gap 260mm
Bed width 330mm
Headstock Spindle hole 80mm
Spindle nose ISO-C8 or ISO-D8
Spindle taper Metric 85mm
Spindle speed (number) 24-1600rpm (15 steps)
Feeds Metric threads range (kinds) 0.5-28mm (66 kinds)
Inch threads range (kinds) 1-56inch (66 kinds)
Moudle threads range (kinds) 0.5-3.5mm (33 kinds)
diametral threads range (kinds) 8-56 D.P (33 kinds)
Longitudinal feeds range (kinds) 0.072-4.038mm/rev (0.0027-0.15inch/rev) (66 kinds)
Cross feeds range (kinds) 0.036-2.019mm/rev (0.0013-0.075inch/rev) (66 kinds)
Rapid travelling speed of carriage 5m/min (16.4ft/min)
Leadscrew size: diameter pitch 35mm
Carriage Cross slide travel 300mm
Compound rest travel 130mm
Cross section size of toolshank 25x20mm
Tailstock Taper of tailstock sleeve Morst no. 5
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 75mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 120mm
motor Main drive motor 4.0KW or 5.5KW or 7.5KW
Coolant pump motor 0.125KW
Rapid traverse motor 0.12KW
Packing size (LxWxH) Center distance: 1000mm 2420x1150x1800mm
1500mm 2920x1150x1800mm
2000mm 3460x1150x1800mm
N.W./G.W. Center distance: 1000mm 1800/2500kgs
1500mm 2010/2760kgs
2000mm 2250/3070kgs
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