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Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe
Model No. CA6250D
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣Hand wheel can be disengaged automatically
﹣Unloading equipment in tail-stock
﹣When cutting metric or inch thread, change gear will not be replaced
﹣Automatic lubrication system in head stock and feed box
﹣4-way rapid traverse to carriage and cross slide.
Main specifications
Model CA6250/CA6250D
Swing over bed Ø500mm
Width of bed 400mm
Swing over gap Ø720mm
Swing over carriage Ø300mm
Distance between center 750/1000/1500/2000mm
Spindle speed range 10-1400 rpm
Hole through spindle CA6250 52mm / CA6250D 80mm
Taper in front spindle No. 6
Main motor 7.5kW (10 HP)
No. of feeds 64Kinds
Metric thread range 1-192mm
Whitworth thread range 2-24 tpi (21 kinds)
Long rapid traverse 4m/min
Cross slide traver 320mm
Compound lest slide traver 140mm
Effective length of gap 210mm
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