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Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe
Model No. BJ1840
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
﹣This machine tool can assume all kinds of turning works, it can turnings many kinds of the metric threads, the inch threads, the modutus pitches, the diametrical pitches which are in commen use, and it can bore, heaming, scraping oilcan.
﹣This tool is used of high intensity of cast iron, the surface of guideway has been quenched with high frequency, then it has been elaborate milling. It has high precision and long life.
﹣The gears of the headstock have been quenched with high frequency and elaborate milling, theyhave high precision and low noises.
Main specifications
Model BJ1840
Capacity Max. swing dia. Over bed Ø458mm
Max. swing dia. Over toolpost Ø288mm
Max. turning dia. Over bed Ø380mm
Max. swing dia. In gap Ø640mm
Length in gap 155mm
Max. workpiece length 1000mm
Max. machining length 900mm
Spindle Spindle bore diameter Ø52 D/B series: Ø77
Taper of spindle bore MT6 D/B series: BJ50:1:20
Type of spindle nose
Spindle speed
Feeds and threads Max. travel of upper toolpost 120mm
Max. travel of lower toolpost 230mm
Tool section 25x25mm
X feed range 40kinds 0.015~0.45mm/r
Z feed range 40kinds 0.03~0.90mm/r
Metric threads 53kinds 0.4~14mm
Inch threads 40kinds 2~56TPI
Module threads 44kinds 0.4~7πmm
Diametric pitch threads 32kinds 4~56 TPIπ
Tailstock Diameter of quill Ø55mm
Max. travel of quill 120mm
Taper of quill (morse) No. 4
Motor Main motor power 4KW
Cooling pump motor power 0.09KW
Others Machine length 2250mm
Machine width 980mm
Machine height 1210mm
Machine weight 1750kgs
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