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Ordinary Wheel Balancer

Ordinary Wheel Balancer
Model No. LYB-96
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
LYB-96 is the semi-automatic wheel balancer with ordinary configure, suitable for small repair shop.( LYB-96A is full-automatic wheel balancer, with middle grade configure, suitable for middle size tyre repair shop ) Can balance all car tyres and small van tyres.
-The main shaft, processed by numerical-control lathe, with high precision, also ensure the precision of the main shaft.
-The sensor, use pressure chinaware plate, improve the sensitivity and durability.
-New style mirco-computer displayer, easy for operation, the extra “START” button, prolong the working time for the panel.
-The imported bearing with high precision, to assure the precision of the main shaft.
-It is changeable from gram to ounce, from millimeter to inch, convenient to different operator.
Main specifications
Model LYB-96
Max. wheel weight 65kg
Max.wheel dia 900mm
Motor power 0.18kw-0.33kw
Balancing precision ±1g
Balancing speed 230rpm
Rim dia 10"-24"
Rim width 1.5"-20"
Balancing cycle 7s
Noise <65dB

Comparison list
Model LYB-96 LYB-96A
Sort Semi-automatic Full-automatic
Automatic scale Manual scale, manual inpu Manual scale, automic input
Outlook 96 body 96 body
Upgrade cover(eg:LYB-96B、LYB-96AB) Can upgrade B Can upgrade B
Display Micro-computer display Micro-computer display
Sticker Normal sticker Normal sticker+scale sticker
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