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Luxury Tyre Changer

Luxury Tyre Changer
Model No. LYT-2824AC+AL410+AR410+WL65
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
LYT-2824AC+AL410+AR410+WL65 is the full-automatic tyre changer with luxury configure. Push-pull horizontal arm, tilt back vertical arm, equipped with assistant inflating device and double helper AL410+AR410, and tyre lifting device WL65, make the operation time saving, safe and easy. It is specially suitable for wide, low-profile ,stiff and tubeless tyres. The quality is reliable, suitable for large tyre repair shop, 4S shop, transport team, tyre factory and so on.
-Hexangular shaft used S41mm steel, not easy to distort, ensure the operation of low-profile and stiff tyre more safety.
-The turntable, use δ15mm steel, the surface of the turntable is chromeplated, wearable and antisepticised.
-The mounting head, used alloy material, ensure the intensity.
-This machine equipped with the protection cover for the mounting head, clamps, lever and bead breaker shoe, to avoid the damage for the aluminum alloy rim.
-The range for the clamping is large, suitable for the middle and small truck tyres and car tyres.
-The inflating system adopt gauge box, equipped with rubber inflating hose, ensure long working time and safety operation.
-This machine with “C” configure, “C” means tubeless tyre inflating device, make the edge of the tubeless tyre connect tightly with the rim, avoid the leakage when inflating.
-This model can upgrade, the luxury helper AL410+AR410 with rail-style slideway are optional according to customer’s demand, can make the operation easy.
-Equipped with tyre lifting device WL65, make the operation easy. It is easy to lift and low the tyre, only by pressing the WL65 control button.
-The wearable steel plate on the turntable can reduce the wear for the turntable during the clamping, prolong the working time for the turntable.
-The pneumatic bead breaker shoe have two positions, easy for the extra wide tyre.
-The rotatable bead breaker shoe, suitable for different tyres, , with different diamater and different center high.
-Full-automatic tyre changer with push-pull horizontal arm and tilt back vertical arm, pneumatic locking, instead of semi-automatic and manual locking method, improve the working efficiency.

Main specifications

Model LYT-2824AC
Motor power 1.1kw/0.75 kw
Power supply 100 V / 110 V / 200 V-3 ph / 220 V / 230 V / 380 V-3 ph / 415 V-3 ph
Operation pressure 8-10 bar
Max.wheel dia 47"(1200 mm)
Max. wheel width 16"(410 mm)
Rim clamping from outside 13"-24"
Rim clamping from inside 15"-28"
Bead-breaker force 2500 kg
Noise <70 dB

Comparison list

ITEM Suitable for Turntable Assistant inflating UpgradeHelper Sort Air tank Tool box Bead breaker
LYT-2824AC Rim clamping from outside: (13``-24``)Rim clamping from inside: (15``-28``) Cross YES YES Full-automatic Outside YES Two position
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