Manual Boring Machine for Valve Seats

Manual Boring Machine for Valve Seats
Model No. TJ8563
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
This manual boring machine can make valve seats, i.e. the valve seat contact and its external and internal, reconditioned or reconstructed precisely and easily. After the conditioning or reconstruction of valve seats, and then, doing few strokes of the valve, the perfect seal is achieved between the valve seat and the valve. This machine can be your indispensable equipment in engine repairing.

Main specifications



Max. length of cylinder head clipped on the supporter

800 mm

Boring dia. of valve seats

Φ30-Φ63 mm

Spindle travel

10 mm

Attraction of electromagnetic plate (AC 220V)

500 N

Packing dimensions (L x W x H)

950 x 350 x 600 mm


55/63 kg

Standard Accessories

Boring unit – electromagnetic base
Universal supporter for engine head
Cutter (4 pcs) 30° 45° 30° 15°/ 75° 90°
Pilots (3 sets, 4 pcs per set) Ф9, Ф9.5, Ф12mm
Cutter setting gauge
Cutter’s templets 30° 45° 15°/ 75°
Optional Accessories

Pilots (3 sets, 4 pcs per set) Ф7, Ф8, Ф8.5mm
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