Cylinder block surface grinding-milling machine

Cylinder block surface grinding-milling machine
Model No. MG1400
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The surface grinding-milling machine, model MG-1400 is a medium size wet grinding machine which with its sturdy and well proportioned design offers a lot of advantages within small and medium size engine reconditioning as well as industrial grinding.The fact that the stability of the machine is constant regardless of the height of the item to be ground assures optimum stock removal and grinding result.

·Spindle motor and traverse motor are inverter motor ( stepless speed) with easy operation and anti-vibration(resonance can be avoided);

·Motor with low vibration level;

·Feeding screw and traverse screw are ball types, with low damping, stable and durable;

·The slider guideway is designed with plastic-coated guide rails, providing good vibration absorption, strong wear resistance and high precision;

·Spindle sleeve is chrome plated and ground, with a bright and rust-proof surface;

·Integrated electric control modules, no - spark contacts, with safe and reliability;

·Spindle feeding is provided with braking device to avoid vibration, and permit a steady feeding;

·Separated circuits of water and electric, with safe and reliability, as well as chain sleeve for protection;

·Sheet metal with plastic coating, beautiful and durable surface;

·By using a magnetic chuck, available as extra equipment, the range of applications of the machine as an industrial grinding machine is widely extended.

Regardless of the height of the item to be ground the machine has the same rigidity of the grinding head, always givingyou the best and fastest grinding result.
Regardless of the height of the item to be ground the grinding process always takes place below eye height and easily in sight and reach of the operator.
The MG-1400 design makes the machine take up 30-35% less space than other surface grinding machines with the same capacity.

Main specifications



Grinding wheel motor

4 Kw , frequency conversion control

50 Hz ---- 960 rpm

20~70Hz --- 400~1340 rpm

Grinding wheel traverse

0.75 Kw

Coolant pump motor

0.4 Kw

Capacity of coolant tank

140 L

Max. grinding length

1400 mm

Max. grinding width

400 mm

Max. height of work piece

850 mm

Working table size

1400×600 mm

Grinding wheel size

Φ410 mm

Number of segments

12 pcs

Vertical movement of wheelhead

150 mm

Feed of wheelhead per graduation

0.01 mm

Wheelhead traverse speeds

0~2000 mm/min

Overall dimensions(L×W×H)

2800mm×1200mm×2450 mm

Packing dimensions(L×W×H)

2850mm×1300mm×2200 mm


3500/4000 kg

Standard Accessories :

1. setting-up blocks: 1050mm×120mm
2. setting-up blocks: 600mm×130mm
3. setting-up blocks:  600mm×160mm
4. setting-up blocks:  600mm×200mm
5. wheel balance stand and arbor 
Optional Accessories:

6. V-block setting-up fixtureThe top face grinding of V-engine blocks with 60°-90° or any other inclination is very conveniently performed with this special setting-up fixture consisting of two pedestals, three bars and a clamping device.

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