Protable Honing Machine

Protable Honing Machine
Model No. 3MB9808
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
3MB9808 portable honing machine is mainly applied to hone inner holes of mechanical parts. After processed by this press, the surface roughness and dimensional tolerance of the hole can be greatly improved. And in particular,it is suitable for honing holes of the cylinder and hydraulic cylinder of motorcycles, automobiles, tractors and pneumatic tools, with the processing range of Φ40-Φ82mm.

·Easy operation
3MB9808 portable honing machine is a simple press easy to understand and use, even if a new worker can know how to operate it within 1~2 hours. This machine has only five functional components for operation.After the honing depth of the first piece is properly adjusted, main spindle mechanism is not required to be changed to adapt to the whole lot of workpiece.Workbench has T-shape grooves, which are useful to configure different workpiece fixtures.

·Guaranteed accuracy
After equipped with MFQ40, MFQ60 honing head, this machine can process the workpiece with the steady quality and the roundness of processed hole is not larger than 0.005mm and cylindricity not larger than 0.0075mm.

·Satisfactory smoothness
After honed by the MFQ40, MFQ60 honing head, the hole could reach the surface smoothness of Ra 0.63-0.4μm and each workpiece is consistent in quality. It can remove the broken surface metals left by the boring or other previous working operations, helpful to improve inferior quality of the workpiece.

Main specifications



Diameter of hole honed

Φ40-Φ82 mm

Max depth of hole honed

200 mm

Spindle speed (2 steps)

200;280 rpm

Spindle stork(2 steps)

19;27 s/min

Spindle vertical travel

70 mm

Power of main motor

0.55 Kw

Power of cooling pump motor

0.09 Kw

Machine working table dimensions

600×380 mm

Overall dimensions(L×W×H)

1000×600×1190 mm

Packing dimensions(L×W×H)

1250×710×2070 mm


350/450 kg

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