Vertical Honing Machine

Vertical Honing Machine
Model No. 3MB9817
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The machine is mainly used for honing single line engine cylinders and V-engine cylinders of automobiles motorcycles and tractors and also for other machine element holes.
·The machine table can shift of the fixture change 0°, 30°and 45°.
·The machine table is easily up and down manually 0-180mm.
·Reverse precision 0-0.4mm.
·Select mesh-wire degree 0°- 90° or non-mesh-wire.
·Reciprocating speed of up and down 0-30m/min.
·The machine is reliable performance widely use honing, easy operation and high productivity.
·Good rigidity, amount of cutting.

Main specifications



Max diameter of hole honed

Φ35-Φ170 mm

Max depth of hole honed

320 mm

Spindle speed (4 steps)

120, 160, 225, 290 mm

Stork (3 steps)

35, 44, 65 s/min

Power of main motor

1.5 Kw

Power of cooling pump motor

0.125 Kw

Machine working inside cavity dimensions (L×W)

1400×870 mm

Overall dimensions (L×W× H)

1640×1670×1920 mm

Packing dimensions (L×W×H)

1850×1850×2150 mm


1000/1200 kg

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