Vertical Honing Machine

Vertical Honing Machine
Model No. M4215-1
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
This machine is simple structure, easy operation and high working accuracy. Reciprocation of honing head is hydraulically driven. Expansion and contraction of honing head is controlled by the feed handwheel directly. This machine is used for honing of cylinder block bores, cylinder liner bores, hydraulic cylinder bores precision bores etc. Roundness 0.0025mm and surface finish Ra 0.4 can be obtained. Bore taper can be corrected by using short stroke.

Main specifications



Honing diameter

Φ30-Φ150 mm

Max. Honing depth

400 mm

Spindle speeds (4 steps)

140 200 288 400 r/min

Max. spindle travel

370 mm

Telescopic displacement length of spindle connecting rod

180 mm

Spindle reciprocation speed

3-18 m/min

Distance between spindle axis and column face front surface

350 mm

Workable travel (Longitudinal/traverse)

800/60 mm

Workable surface size (L×W)

480×1100 mm

Max. Working pressure of hydraulic system

25 bar

Total output

4.5 Kw

Motor for spindle rotation

2.2 Kw

Overall dimensions (L× W× H)

1320×1680×2675 mm

Packing dimensions (L× W×H)

3000×1550×1650 mm


2800/3500 kg

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