Vertical boring-milling machine

Vertical boring-milling machine
Model No. TX170A/ TX200A/ TX250A
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable

This serial model can be widely used in boring automobile engine cylinders, cylinder sleeves of diesel engines and compressors,as well as various high precision holes boring, surface milling of other workpieces.

TX: boring hole & milling surface.

Main specifications





Max. boring diameter

Φ170 mm

Φ200 mm

Φ250 mm

Max. boring depth

400 mm

500 mm

500 mm

Max. milling area

400x1000 mm

Max. drilling & reaming diameter

Φ30 mm

Spindle speed

120-860 r/min

Feeding of the spindle

14-900 mm/min

Rapid moving speed of the spindle

1000 mm/min

Spindle travel

700 mm

Distance between spindle end face and table

0-700 mm

Distance between spindle axis and carriage vertical plane

375 mm

Feed of work table longitudinal

32-1350 mm/min

Rapid moving speed of the table longitudinal travel

32-1350 mm/min

Max longitudinal travel of working table

1500 mm

Max cross travel of the working table

200 mm

Working table size (W×L)

500×1250 mm

500×1500 mm

Main motor

5.5 Kw

Processing roughness


Ra 2.5


Ra 3.2

Overall dimensions (L×W×H)

2600×1630×2300 mm

Packing dimensions (L×W×H)

2250×1900×2280 mm


3300/3600 kg

3500/3800 kg


Vertical boring machine T/TX/TXM series


Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories


BS-0 , BS-75 , B-55 , M-250 , T2

B-40 , B-20 , T-1 , T-3 , FX-3 , FX-2 , FX-1


BS-0 , BS-110 , B-55 , M-250 , T2

BS-75 , B-40 , B-20 , T-1 , T-3 , FX-3 , FX-2 , FX-1


BS-0 , BS-150 , B-55 , M-250 , T-2

BS-110 , BS-75 , B-40 , B-20 , T-1 , T-3 , FX-3 , FX-2 , FX-1

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