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Hydraulic shaping machine

Hydraulic shaping machine
Model No. BY6080
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
This series hydraulic shaping machine is used in shaping plane and forming plane. it is suitable for batch process of piecework. this series machine is hydraulic and with hydraulic overload protector, so it is safe and reliable. the ram is moved smoothly. shaping force is big. the ram is stepless speed regulation. the machine is in good rigidity and precision. Oil temperature is low so not easy to be out of shape. the tool carrier is with electromagnetic knife device; the worktable is with high-speed moving device. so it is very vonvenient to operate. the guide on the ram is used wear-proof device, so it prolongs the machines's life. our new BY60120 hydraulic shaping machine has the features of shaping length is longer and this series products fill in the gaps in the state.
Numbers Specifications Unit Model
BY6080 BY609 BY60100 BY60120
1 Max shaping length mm 800 900 1000 1200
2 Max crossing travel of table mm 750 750 800 800
3 Max vertical travel of table mm 750 750 800 800
4 Distance form table to bottom of ram mm 320 320 320 320
5 Max vertical of tool head mm 400 400 400 400
6 Max swivel angle iof tool head mm 160 160 160 1600
7 Max swivel angle of working table mm ±60° ±60° ±60° ±60°
8 Main motor power mm 7.5 7.5 7.5 11
9 Overall dimensions(LWH mm 3360×165×1510 3360×165×1510 3480×1560×1750 4030×1710×1925
10 Weight kg 5100 5200 5600 7800
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