Universal Cutter Grinder

Universal Cutter Grinder
Model No. CGY-50A
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
The poerating table adopts the imported high-precision linear ballslide rail which can ensure the table stable and easy to operate.

The machine can be matched with different fittings in lines with toolsto grind so as to grind drillbit, screw tap,end-milling cutter.R-shaped turning tool,R-shaped milling cutter,hobbing knife,round paper cutting knife.
The motor can rotate 360, The two sides of the motor can be installed with two grinding wheels at the same time. When you grind cutting tools of different materials, you may restart grinding by simply rotating the motor,Which can enhance security and reduce the time of disassembling and repatation.

It adopts the FC30 cast iron ofhigh toughness to keep the precision of the machine.
Max workpiece dia : 270mm 
Max work piece length(between centers) : 270mm 
Center height over the table : 137mm 
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Transverse displacement of the table : 190mm 
Vertical travel of the wheel : 150mm 
Swivel of the wheel head in the horizontal plane: +/-45° 
Tilting of the wheel spindle : +/-45° 
Wheel spindle speeds : 2800rpm 
Voltage: 110V/220V /380v 
Total power : 375W 
Overall dimension : 680×560×790mm 
Size of case : 700×640×640mm 
Gross weight/Net Weight : 160kg
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