Vertical Knee Type Milling Machine

Vertical Knee Type Milling Machine
Model No. X5032/X5032A
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
Specification x5032
 Distance between spindle nose and table 45~415
 Distance between spindle and colomn 350
 Spindle taper 7:24 ISO50
 Spindle bore 29
 Spondle speed (18Steps)30~1500
 Swovel angle of vertical milling head +/-45
 Spindle travel 70
 Tavle size 320×1325
 Table travel(Z.Y.Z) 700/880、 255/240/370/350
 Tavle feed (Z.Y.Z) 23.5~1180/15~786/8~394
 Rapid speed of table (Z.Y.Z) 2300/1540/770
 T-slots(NO:/width/pitch) 3/18/70
 Maim motor power 7.5
 Rapid motor power 1.5
 Overall size 2530×1890×2380
 Net weight 2900

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