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Bench Lathe

Bench Lathe
Model No. CZ1224 CZ1237
Origin: China
Min. Order: Negotiable
ITEM   CZ1224 CZ1237
Swing Over Bed mm φ305 φ305
Swing Over Carriage mm φ173 φ173
Swing Over Gap mm φ440 φ440
Width of bed-way mm  182 182
Distance Between Centers mm 530 940
Spindle taper   M.T.5  M.T.5 
Spindle bore mm φ36 φ36
Step of speed   12 12
Range of speed rpm 50-1200 50-1200
Metric Thread    15kinds (0.25-7.5mm) 15kinds (0.25-7.5mm)
Inch Thread   40kinds(4-112T.P.I) 40kinds(4-112T.P.I)
Range of feed amount mm/r 0.12-0.42 (0.0047"-0.0165) 0.12-0.42 (0.0047"-0.0165)
Diameter of lead screw mm φ22(7/8") φ22(7/8")
Pitch of lead screw    3mm or 8T.P.I 3mm or 8T.P.I
Saddle Travel  mm 510 850
Cross Travel  mm 150 150
Compound Travel  mm 90 90
Barrel  Travel  mm 100 100
Barrel  Diameter   mm φ32 φ32
Taper Of Center  mm M.T.3 M.T.3
Motor Power Kw 1.1(1.5HP) 1.1(1.5HP)
Motor For Coolant System Power  Kw 0.04(0.055HP) 0.04(0.055HP)
Machine  (L×W×H) mm 1420×750×760 1780×750×760
Stand (L×W×H) mm 400×370×700 400×370×700
Stand (L×W×H) mm 300×370×700 300×370×700
Machine Kg 365/415 385/435
Stand Kg 60/65 60/65
Loading amount    27pcs/20'container 24pcs/21'container

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